Sunday, 27 April 2008

Changing Technology

If you don't regularly read it, it's worth checking out MP3 Insider, a music blog. Here's a post from this week about the changes we've experienced since adopting MP3s. I personally empathaise with a lot of what he's written, to such an extent that I've whacked Nick Drake on; if, on the off chance, you haven't heard his stuff, check his profile here. On another note, don't download AVG 8.0 if your computer tells you to; it slows your whole PC down. In other news, The Roots are releasing their new record tomorrow...can't wait! Here's an interview with ?uestlove this week. Also out this week is the new series of Peep Show...if you've missed the last 4 series, definitely tune into Channel 4 this Friday, it's amazing.

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