Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Free Bytes

Listened to Radiohead perform live on Radio 2 this evening, mainly in anticipation for when I see them in June...I can't wait! If you missed it, listen again here. I was reminded of the pioneering way they distributed their last album and came across a few articles concerning the value of not only music but all digital content in the future. In the National Post today, it was argued that P2P downloading is simply a form of digital gluttony, read up here. However, in Wired this month, Chris Anderson argues that $0.00 is the future of business models; you can read the article here. I found it very interesting and not too difficult to fathom. Talking of the future, thanks to Leo for showing me this video of what society could be like in the next century.

In relation to the above image, scientists at the University of Rochester have compressed a music file to 1,000 times smaller than mp3, read up here.

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