Thursday, 1 May 2008

Pinch punch, first day of the month.

Just about have enough time to say that. I've decided that as I'm posting less frequently because of revision, I am just going to try and put as much in each post as possible. Talking of revision, I've found a couple of tracks that keep appearing on my iPod when I'm working.

Song 1 - DJ Krush

High And Dry - El Lele

Looks like the rumours about Apple phasing out DVDs are true, read here. There's also a really interesting article in The Guardian today concerning a book released by Jonathan Zittrain called The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It. It argues that gadgets are holding back the progress of the world wide web, which isn't as absurd as it first sounds. It's in a way linked to the article in the last post relating to Apple's success. It does seem to me that companies are increasingly stifling the development of open source platforms, ultimately because this means greater control...which inturn means greater profit. It only seems common sense that a casualty of this strategy is innovation. Talking about innovation, check this video from New Scientist, which shows how they have managed to control the speed of a fruit fly. Read up here.

Finally bought Control on DVD today, if you haven't seen it check the trailer out here. It's an awesome film; I first saw it in one of the first ever HD was AMAZING. On another note, I was complaining about AVG the other day; here's an alternative which seems to be working pretty well for me. Also, thanks to Jen for telling me about Cedric Delsaux...he's put Star Wars charcters in modern day scenerios.

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