Monday, 19 May 2008

Sound Index

Another day, another memory test. Came home to find some cool stuff though. Firstly, check out Sound Index, a new project from the Beeb. Basically, they trawl the webs biggest blogs, social networking sites and the like to find out what bands/groups/DJs are being talked about the most and index them on an iTunes-esque list of 1000. The best thing about it is that it is updated every six hours. You can also alter it so it only tells you about the buzz surrounding certain genres. Check it out here. On another note, this Thursday sees the arrival of the new Indiana Jones film...check Lego's viral marketing campaign. They've made a boulder out of 5 MILLION lego bricks, akin to the one in Raiders of the Lost Ark...head here for a video. Also thanks to Bean for showing me this clip on the effects of drugs on Spiders.

PS Here's a portfolio of eye pictures.

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