Tuesday, 27 May 2008

What will I get in my exams Mr. 8 ball?

Still sat here revising, only one more exam to go...can't believe it's on a SATURDAY. Found some pretty cool stuff whilst procrastinating. Check out these balancing acts and try some for yourself if you feel like it! Also discovered that Google Maps has some new features...head here. Also worth downloading DVD Flick if you want to burn some AVI files to DVD. Plus, rumour afoot that solar panels may be included in the next iPod/iPhone. I must remember to use the word afoot more. Finally, here are some songs that DJ Shadow samples in his album Endtroducing.

PS. Check out the video of a mobile phone being put in a microwave.

I Feel A New Shadow - Jeremy Storch (Building Steam with a Grain of Salt)

Touching Souls - Kay Gardner (Changeling)

Tears - Giorgio (Organ Donor)

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