Thursday, 5 June 2008

Gaming & Facts

Thoroughly enjoying playing GTA IV on my new 360, hence lack of posting. The picture is a pretty cool Ikea ad; head here to check out 19 of the best adverts, some of them are amazing. Also check out the Etch-A-Sketchist, a collection of pretty fly sketches, including attempts at No Country For Old Men, Star Wars and GTA. I also enjoyed looking at history of tech company logos...head here. Also worth checking out my mate's blog, PeacenQueues. He recently posted where you can find Justice's rejected Fabric mix; head here. Whilst heading back to Cardiff on the train this week, I read this fascinating article on whether a grand equation explaining the complexities of the human brain can be found. You can read it here for free. In gadget news, check out Ben Heck's latest creation...a controller for one handed gamers. Whether or not it's actually designed for those with maimed digits or just to accomodate lazy gamers who like to use one of their hands for eating pizza/drinking beer/etc is debatable. Also worth a laugh is Gizmodo's latest contest, some of those ads are classic.

PS. I was told this evening about the thermodynamics surrounding making cocktails. Apparently the more ice you have in a glass, the less quickly it will melt.