Sunday, 27 July 2008

Another ten days...

Obviously Batman has been the topic of conversation this week and rightly was as good as the hype. Although there has been criticism of Two Face (who wasn't THAT bad, despite the dodgy CGI) and of the length, I personally thought it was near perfect. Although a swede of the film hasn't been made yet, these guys pieced together a mock trailer based on pre-release footage, its not bad.

There have also been rumours this week that George Lucas is thinking of milking his cash cow re-releasing the Star Wars films in 3D. This would be so good if pulled off correctly, which will be very difficult with the older films; check the story here. You should also check out this chess set, which I NEED.
It's not in production stages yet, so you can't buy it. If you do really want a Star Wars chess set though, you can always snap this one up from Amazon.

PS Thanks to James for showing me Dikipedia, which isn't just a collection of members as I first assumed it to be. It's a pretty funny take on the encyclopedia, archiving a vast collection of irritating dicks.

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