Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Nature Lists

I love a good nature programme; I recommend you buy Predators, a BBC/Discovery Channel project. It's fairly hard to get hold of though, but it's worth hunting down for the crab vs. hammer head shark scene alone. Anyway, I was intrigued to read this blog entry which compares the different style of wildlife documentaries in the US and the UK. The US clip focuses much more on entertainment, whilst the UK clip is more informative and educational...check it out here. Talking of nature, it's been reported that the oldest known cloned tree is dying after existing for an amazing 43,000 years...a sign of the times if there ever was one.

If you're still saving up for a 3rd gen console and are after an entertainment fix on your trusty monolithic PS2, check out Gamespots new list. It highlights the 36 Best games on the most successful console of all time. Definitely worth buying Black (#28) if you haven't got it as well as Ico (#13) and Shadow of the Colossus (#3). I'm very surprised that MGS3 has pipped MGS2 to the #8, I personally thought it was rubbish.

PS Some geeks have hacked IMDB to make The Dark Knight the worst film of all time as well as the best. Jokers.

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