Saturday, 6 September 2008

Hello again...

Severe lack of blogging due to being without internet in our otherwise banging new house in Cardiff. This also meant I've only just been able to experience Google Chrome, which I'm mightly impressed with. The interface is clean and it seems to have taken the best bits from the other browsers and meshed them together brilliantly. A Mac and Linux version will be out by November. 

You can check here for some tips and pointers if any were needed, about using the new browser. I also liked the anatomy of a logo shown also reminds me of the HAL 9000 computer form 2001. 

I bought a great album last week called Droppin' Science. It features all the best Blue Note samples used in cult hiphop tracks. You can listen to the whole album for free here, it's a nice site. One of my favs is the Brother Jack McDuff track, Oblighetto, check it out below.

Finally, looks like new iPod Nanos are on the way this Tuesday, along with other Apple updates. One of the rumours floating about is that iTunes 8 will be released, which will include much needed updates for the visualisations. Check the video out below to see Magnetosphere, which was previously avaliable as a plugin.

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