Wednesday, 3 December 2008


In the past few weeks, I have developed a strong hatred for my course. This is due to the fact that it largely involves dressing up simplistic theoretical models by rearranging sentences and using ornate vocabulary. The material is pretty much the same every year, with the exception of my Ethics module. I also feel the whole concept of large scale lectures are in no way of any help when trying to learn. I can't wait to finish and work in Paris/New York/Tokyo...go travelling, do a Masters in something I find interesting, become a media researcher, open a cafe...who knows!

I wish Stanley Kubrick's prediction of 2001 had been true and rather than talking about HRM and strategic management, I'd be discussing how to get to Jupiter.


Anyway, if you have a Mac, you should head to FluidTunes and download their freeware in an attempt to pretend you are Tom Cruise in Minority Report. Check the video below to see what I'm talking about.

FluidTunes from Majic Jungle Software on Vimeo.

Also check out Man's World by Guilty Simpson. I go through stages of loving and hating it.

Finally, Nokia officially announed their own iPhone-beater today; the originally named Nokia N97.

It does look pretty impressive and includes;

- 32GB of internal storage
- 5MP camera
- Wi-fi
- A QWERTY keyboard
- 640x360 (True 16:9 aspect ratio) screen

So that's something to consider if you're remotely interested in mobile phones.

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