Thursday, 5 March 2009


If the newly elected President Obama required a social phenomena to represent the stupendously exciting new world of change he depicted during his campaign, nothing would be more apt than FREEWARE.


Head here to download the excellent video organiser that is Miro. It provides an interface from which you can search YouTube, Daily Motion, etc. as well as allowing to filter HD content. It will also let you save these files to your hard drive for watching later and is compatible with RSS feeds and vidcasts...check the video below for details. You could then convert any files you wish to watch later on your iPod, or other device, by using Handbrake...head here to grab that.


One of the most rapidly growing freeware apps on the web, it's rising popularity was confirmed this week by a security breach by hackers - a surefire indicator that a website is going places. Once you've installed the program, you are presented with an iTunes-esque interface that allows you to stream pretty much any song you please. Head here to download it.

iPod Disk

Since owning a Mac, I've had a bit of trouble finding a program that takes music from iPods onto my hard-drive...the answer is to download iPod Disk here. Not much explanation needed really...does exactly what it says on the tin.

If you fancy reliving the past by running some N64 emulators on your Mac, SixtyForce is the way to go. You can use it for free if you can put up without full-screen and a small watermark in the bottom-right hand corner, or you can cough up $16 for the full version. Then, simply plug in a PS2 controller using a USB adapter available on eBay or at your local Game and download the ROMs for you favourite games...for this to be legal, you must own the original cart of any games you download. A good place to find ROMs is here.

Finally, I've had this short montage from La Haine in my head for AGES. If anyone knows what the initial song is, let me know ASAP...

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!Greenehouse said...

Issac Hayes-That Loving Feeling

Hope that's what you were looking for.