Saturday, 2 May 2009

Bits and Bobs

The above image was made using an ingenious piece of software that allows you to draw using the sound of your voice...head here to try it out if you have a mic. It's quite difficult...if you don't want to spend all day humming and howling just to draw a sqaure, try putting a song that has a fairly varied soundscape on and see what happens! I stumbled across it on a blog called, which is full of time-wasting bits and bobs. I also discovered Nerdist, a fairly interesting blog by Chris Hardwick, who is an American comedian who also writes for Wired magazine, one of my favs.

In other news, if you have a Mac, it is worth downloading this iPlayer Downloader. It has a very intuitive UI and downloads in H.264 format, so you can drag files straight to your iPod. Also, check out FoxyURL if you are a FireFox user. Although there are many URL-shortening apps, such as TinyURL, FoxyURL whacks a tiny orange icon next to your search box. Next time you want to send someone a link, instead of having to past 5 paragraphs of random gobboldy-gook, just hit the organge icon and it will shorten it to something more manageable. Download it here.

Or, if you've got a bit of time to spare, head to I won't tell you what it does...go and have a look!

PS. Here is a video of some more difficult voice drawing from Messa di Voice.

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