Friday, 16 May 2008

The month of May

In my opinion, the month of May has been a terrible one for the last 6 years, with GCSEs, A-Levels and Uni all throwing exams at us in a short space of time; which arguably are nothing more than memory tests. Anyway, here is a guy named Christian Moore who has managed to put together a video of what a multi-touch full screen Mac OS would look's cooler than it sounds. Also worth checking out on Thursday nights (have to wait til next week now) is The Inbetweeners. In my opinion, it looks like Channel 4 have taken the awarding framework of Peep Show and applied it to a bunch of teenage boys; check out the clip below. Also worth checking out the graffiti magazine, 12ozProphet while you're here. Right I'm going back to revising for my SATURDAY exam.

P.S. Check out the T-shirt behind the Pac-Man picture here.

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moominking13 said...

Hey mate, thanks for the good luck! It's only fair to say good luck for the accounting exam! The blog is great, the multitouch apple OS is so cool. take care x