Thursday, 19 June 2008

Mafia II

Mafia was one of my favourite games on the PC, so I was amazed by the trailer for the new game; you can see it below. It'll blow The Godfather out of the water. Also worth checking if you're bored today is Che Lives!, a programme on Radio 2 last night which explores the impact of one of the most iconic images of our time. You can listen to it again here. If you enjoyed listening to it, you should definitely watch The Motorcycle Diaries if you haven't already...trailer here. In other news, check out the real life Forrest Gump here. Also worth a look is the Top 10 coffee tables; it's more interesting than it sounds!

PS. ChrissyKeegs has dug up another classic the story here.

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MarkF said...

The Motorcycle Diaries is a great film and presents a very different view of Che. I was amazed when I went last year to Cuba just how they hold him so dear - every school has his sayings painted on the playground wall and his face is everywhere...