Thursday, 10 July 2008


Quite liked this cheeky Mario take on 300; click on it if you're having trouble reading it. Head here to see the new ways America is trying to stop Obama getting to long as they don't vote this clown in. I'm also considering buying a hamster, just so I can make one of these.

Bought HipHop Connection this month, loving some of the tracks on the free CD. Click on the links below to download. Also check out King Curtis, my current favourite sax's his profile. Talking of music legends, I'm tempted to buy (if I had any money whatsoever) one of these prints; The Alcorn Studio have taken an orginal approach to producing portraits of Modern Music Masters...worth a look.

Give It Up - Team Getem Ft. Chino XL

Nothing To Lose - Doc Brown

Mr. Hollywood - P-Casso

And if you're still bored on what is inevitably going to be a rainy day when you read this, why not take a look at this article from Wired.

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